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Weekends is an exhibition platform presenting shows and projects with contemporary artists and curators since 2014.

For the 1st season of shows, Weekends presented four solo and duo shows in a Copenhagen apartment.
For the 2nd season, one solo project was iterated in exhibition spaces in 3 european countries.
For the 3rd season, Weekends presented shows in Europe and America, that dealt with cultured nature and natural culture.
For the 4th season, Weekends presented solo shows in a Magnolia room in Shoredtich, London.
For the 5th season, Weekends was based in a white cube in Le Marais, Paris, presenting group shows dealing the human scale of time.
For the 6th season, Weekends presented group exhibitions poking and prodding French culture and identity.

Weekends is founded and run by Rasmus Myrup.