Ascend in vain in the rain

AB and Hannah Levy

June 19 – July 12, 2015 @ U:L:O:, Interstate projects, New York

Without you I stand.
I am the plan, not the plant.
Your intentions are sweet,
but you fail at my feet.
Constructed before the truth,
I am the shape people see,
I am what they think you should be
...They should all be looking at me.

Weekends is proud to present Ascend in vain in the rain. A floppy and slouching, leaning and crouching duo show, in the courtyard of Interstate. Against a series of trellises, AB and Hannah Levy will present sculptural works of posture. Intended collapses that succeed in their failure to stand erect.

AB, Easy and Care

Hannah Levy, Hump

Hannah Levy, Slouch

AB, Easy and Care

Hannah Levy, Slump

Hannah Levy, Droop


b. 1990, Denmark

Lives and works in Paris, France

Hannah Levy

b. 1991, New York

Lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany